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30 Dec 2008 Hello, I'm new to this forum and basically to the world of photography. I just found a Nikon FE2. It belongs to my father. I think it's a great camera; very vintage-like. I don't know much about SLRs. I was just browsing lenses. What kind of lenses would be appropriate for the Nikon FE2? Any suggestions?
2 Jan 2012 I know that it is not possible for one lens to rule them all, but at this point, I am looking for one lens that I can use on my Nikon FE as a walk around lens. My only other manual camera has been a Minolta SRT 201 and I loved the feeling of the 50mm 1.7 with it's smooth focus ring. I have not tried out any
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Results 1 - 48 of 207 For Nikon AI, AIS or AF camera with manual focusing: F3, F4s, F5, F100, FM2N, FM3A, FA, FE2, FG, D300, D700. Nikon 50mm 1:1.8 AI-S Series E lens in 8.5 condition. Comes as pictured, with Nikon caps, 52mm Hoya filter and generic rubber lens hood. $88.85. Top Rated Plus. Free shipping.
I have always got the impression that most users don't care much about understand their equipment first before started using their newly acquired camera. Sometimes, the manufacturer has a big part to be blamed for this, as camera manual is the only source of information that knowledge related to the camera can be
I am currently using a D100 with a bunch of standard lenses (17-35, 80-200 etc). Will these work in an old Nikon FE2 manual camera without getting damaged? Will it even work? It seems to work since I can set the manual focus but I am not sure and I am also worried that I may damage my newer lenses.
Although the FE2 shares the same F-mount with most of the earlier Nikon bodies, the FE2 is designed exclusively to work with AI (Automatic Indexing), AI-modified, AI-S, and the series E lenses. The current AF lenses are also workable in the manual focus mode. In short, FE2 cannot works with non-AI Nikkor optics (Lenses
26 May 2017
The FE2 accepts all lenses with the Nikon F bayonet mount (introduced in 1959) supporting the Automatic Indexing (AI) feature (introduced in 1977). The contemporary Nikon made AI lenses were the Nikkor AI-S, Nikkor AI and Nikon Series E types. During the early 1980s, Nippon Kogaku manufactured approximately 70
Zoom-NIKKOR 25-50mm f/4 AI. Scanned at NCPS. The Newer FE2. I prefer this older FE to the newer FE2 because this older FE can use every lens since 1959, while the newer FE2 can't use non-AI lenses. This original FE uses half the battery power of the newer FE2 because the FE2 needs stronger shutter springs to get