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x86 instruction set


5 Dec 2012 which looks pretty good. The 0x0(%rip) is the magic double constant, and if inlined some instructions like the upper 32 bit zeroing and the constant reload will vanish. mov eax, DWORD PTR ?x@@3IC ; x pxor xmm0, xmm0 cvtsi2sd xmm0, rax movsdx QWORD PTR y$[rsp], xmm0. No need to adjust here
The x86 instruction set refers to the set of instructions that x86-compatible microprocessors support. The instructions are usually part of an executable program, often stored as a computer file and executed on the processor. The x86 instruction set has been extended several times, introducing wider registers and datatypes
CVTSI2SD—Convert Doubleword Integer to Scalar Double-Precision Floating-Point Value. Instruction Operand Encoding. Description. Converts a signed doubleword integer (or signed quadword integer if operand size is 64 bits) in the “convert-from” source operand to a double-precision floating-point value in the
For details, see Volume 2A and Volume 2B of the Intel(R) 64 and IA-32 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual. For the latest updates on the instruction set information, go to the web site.
29 Jun 2012 Basic floating point instructions instruction effect addsd add scalar double addss add scalar float addpd add packed double addps add packed float subsd cvtsi2sd xmm0, rax. ; convert qword to double cvtsi2sd xmm0, dword [x] ; convert dword integer. 64 Bit Intel Assembly Language c 2011 Ray Seyfarth
The SSE2 conversion instructions convert packed and individual doubleword integers into packed and scalar double-precision floating-point values (and vice convert scalar double-precision floating-point values to scalar single-precision floating-point values. cvtsi2sd. CVTSI2SD. convert doubleword integer to scalar
Opcode/Instruction, Op/En, 64/32-bit Mode, CPUID Feature Flag, Description. F2 0F 2A /r. CVTSI2SD xmm, r/m32. RM, V/V, SSE2, Convert one signed doubleword integer from r/m32 to one double-precision floating-point value in xmm. F2 REX.W 0F 2A /r. CVTSI2SD xmm, r/m64. RM, V/N.E., SSE2, Convert one signed
  xmm2,real8 ptr [ebp+16] ;xmm2 = endPoint mov ebx, [ebp+20] ;ebx = numberOfTrapezez int value. You are retrieving the numberOfTrapezez from the wrong address! The endPoint occupies 8 bytes, so change the offset from 20 to 24. mov ebx, [ebp+24]. and also cvtsi2sd xmm3,dword [ebp+24] ;convert to
Opcode, Mnemonic, Description. F2 0F 2A /r, CVTSI2SD xmm, r/m32, Convert one signed doubleword integer from r/m32 to one double-precision floating-point value in xmm.