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3 jun. 2016 IEC 60870-5-103 Sepam, referencia SEPED305002BR b o manual do usuario da comunicacao. IEC 61850 Sepam, referencia SEPED306024BR. Sepam serie 20. Para as aplicacoes simples. PE. 50465. Caracteristicas b 10 entradas logicas b 8 saidas a rele b 1 porta de comunicacao b 8 entradas para
b Sepam series 20 user's manual, reference PCRED301005EN b Sepam series 40 b Sepam series 80 Modbus communication user's manual, reference SEPED303002EN b Sepam . (2) Exclusive choice between logic discrimination and switching from one 2-relay group of settings to another 2-relay group. (3) Performs
Sepam series 80 is the first digital protection relay to deliver dependability and behaviour in the event of failure meeting the requirements of standard IEC 61508. All Sepam series 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80 boards and electronic components are industrially conformal coated. This manufacturing allows Sepam to be used in the
1 Oct 2006 b Sepam DNP3 Communication. User's Manual, 63230-216-236 b Sepam IEC 60870-5-103 Communication. User's Manual, 63230-216-237. Sepam Series 20. For Simple Applications. P. E50465. Characteristics b 10 Logic Inputs b 8 Relay Outputs b 1 Communication Port b 8 Temperature. Sensor Inputs.
Electrical network protection. User's manual. 03/2011. Sepam series 40 .. b Sepam series 20 user's manual, reference PCRED301005EN b Sepam series 40 user's manual, .. (1) Relay outputs (O1, O2, O3, O11 contact) comply with clause 6.7 of standard C37.90, (30 A, 200 ms, 2000 operations). (2) According to
Electrical network protection. User's manual. 07/2011. Sepam series 60 .. b Sepam series 20 user's manual, reference PCRED301005EN b Sepam series .. 1-second overload. 480 V. 480 V. Isolation of inputs from other isolated groups. Enhanced. Enhanced. Relay outputs. Control relay outputs O1 to O3 and Ox01 (1).
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reference 63230-216-236 b Sepam™ IEC 60870-5-103. Communication User's Manual, reference 63230-216-237. Sepam™ Series 20. For usual applications. P. E50465. Characteristics b. 10 logic inputs b. 8 relay outputs b. 1 communication port b. 8 temperature sensor inputs. D. E51730. DE517. 31. Sepam™ Series 40.
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